Welcome to my personal website. It is intended to contain my professional history, to provide a presentation to the prospective employer and to give a point of reference or maybe an inspiration to the students that follow a similar path in their studies. Website is divided into the following sections:

List of software projects I have created or was involved with. Each project is introduced by a description and a screenshot. For many of them, there is also available some additional content like sources or documentation. Apart from the description, I also tried to point out some mistakes I have made during the development. Generally speaking, this section can be viewed as an evolution of a programmer.
Mainly my university theses. This section also contains some publicly available scientific articles I was involved with. Each publication is introduced by an abstract. Full-texts can be downloaded in the form of a PDF file.
About Me
Both formal and informal facts about my person. You can also find a link to my curriculum vitae there. Lastly, the list of university courses I have completed is available for inspection.